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Q: May I come for a tour of Candlewick Kennels?

A: Absolutely, you are welcome to visit for a tour at any time. There is no need to make an appointment. Tours are given during all business hours.

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Candlewick Kennels

2811 Hebron Avenue

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Candlewick Kennels

Q: Do you have heating and air conditioning?

A: Yes, the entire kennel is heated and air conditioned.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

Q: What vaccinations are required for my dog or cat to stay

at Candlewick Kennels?

Q: May I bring my own bed?

Q: Am I required to provide food for my dog?

Q: May I bring my own food?

A: Every guest is provided with a very comfortable raised canvas-backed cot. You are always welcome to bring a blanket, bed or towel to make your pet feel more at home.

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own food. Please be sure to bring enough for your pet’s entire stay.

A: Yes, we will be happy to take your reservation during any office hours. As our suites are limited, we highly recommend reservations during holidays or summer months to be made at least four to five weeks in advance.

A: All dogs are required to have the following vaccinations:

• Rabies

• Distemper (DHLPP)

• Bordetella (Canine Cough Vaccination)

• Influenza (H3N2 & H3N8)


All cats are required to have the following vaccinations.

• Rabies

• Distemper (FVRC-P)

A: No, we provide Bil-Jac Select. Bil-Jac Select is a very high quality, high protein, chicken based dry kibble. In addition to kibble, we provide flavorful moist canned food.

Q: What is the procedure if my pet becomes ill while at Candlewick Kennels?

Q: What if my dog is on medication(s)?

Q: Can someone else drop off or pick up my pet(s)?

Q: Does Candlewick keep a record of my pet’s vaccination records?

Q: Does Candlewick provide a pick up or delivery service?

A: Yes, you may have a friend or family member either pick up or drop off your pet. We do require a permission note signed by you for anyone picking up your pet. We will not release your pet to anyone but those designated in your pet’s file without a permission note.

A: Prescription medications and supplements can be administered by our trained and experienced staff. At the time of your check-in present the medication with a description of its proper dosage and frequency.

A: Yes, we provide pick-up and delivery service for our guests Monday through Friday. The fee varies depending on your distance from Candlewick. Any pick-ups or deliveries must be scheduled when you make your reservation.

A: While this is rare, it does occur on occasion. Guests are monitored by staff trained to recognize early signs of illness. With this level of supervision, many times it is easier for kennel personnel to detect problems than it is for the owner of the dog e. g., blood in the urine, a warning sign that deserves attention, can more easily be detected in the kennel than at home, because the dog is exercised in a specific area which is cleaned regularly.


With these cases, we would transport your pet to their own veterinarian whenever possible. If it is not possible or we feel your pet needs immediate attention he would be transported to a local veterinarian to insure your pets well-being.

A: Yes, we record your pet’s vaccination history at the time of their first stay. As a courtesy to our clients, we will confirm with your veterinarian’s office that your pet is current on all vaccinations each time you make a reservation. If a vaccination is overdue, we will notify you via phone.


Please note, due to clients moving, phone numbers changing or clients switching veterinarians, it is the responsibility of the client to have their pet current on all required inoculations.

Q: Upon arriving home, my dog appeared tired. Why is this?

Q: When you are closed on holidays is the kennel staffed?

Q: Upon arriving home, my dog appeared to be thirsty. Why is this?

A: After a period of boarding, dogs may return home tired. It is very similar to a child going away to camp, or the feeling you get after returning home from a long vacation. As much as being away from home can be fun, let's face it, it’s tiring. Your pet has a great deal of space to run and play, and most dogs take full advantage of this. Often while at home dogs spend the day on the couch until the family returns from work or school. In addition to the trail walks, courtyard playtimes, and doggie day care, the excitement of the other dogs and the interaction with our staff, they stay active throughout the entire day. After a few days or more of this much activity, they will rest when they get home and be back to their old selves in a day or so.

A: Every guest whether boarding or grooming at our facility will be provided with water twenty four hours a day. However, some guests will seem thirsty when they first arrive home. Typically this is caused by the excitement and anxiety of being reunited with their owner. During this period of adjustment, it is best to limit their water intake for the first hour or two of arriving home.

A: Yes, our facility is fully staffed 365 days a year. Only on certain holidays is our office closed to the public.

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