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Doggie Day Care

A good friend is defined as loyal, caring, affectionate and fun. Friends are a big part of our lives. Shouldn’t our dogs have good friends as well?


In our Doggie Day Care your dog will have the opportunity to make new friends, create best friends and enjoy the benefits of having many friends. Together they can spend all day wrestling, playing tag, hide and seek or just having plain old doggie fun!


We have a 10,000+ sq. ft.  comfortable, safe, clean and stimulating environment for our guests. The heated and air conditioned Day Care facility was designed with your dog's health and comfort in mind. Your dog’s day is structured with play and entertainment. Our well trained dog loving staff oversees your pets’ entire day and provides constant supervision for the safety of all our guests.




Our Doggie Day Care offers socialization and fun to each dog, but there are many other benefits. Here are just a few:

An active dog is a happy and healthy dog.


In order for your dog to join all the Doggie Day Care fun they must meet the following requirements:


• Complete Free Evaluation Day.

• Be at least 4 months of age.

• Any dog over 6 months of age must be neutered/spayed.

• All dogs must be on a flea/tick preventive.

• All dogs must be up to date with Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper.

• All dogs are required to wear a ‘quick release’ collar.

• All dogs must be in good health.


Full Day

Half Day*


*half day is five hours  


• Dogs are a part of the family, so when it comes time to leave for work or run errands we often feel the pang of guilt and sadness at leaving our precious pooch behind. Doggie Day Care provides a much welcome alternative.


• We keep ourselves and our families in shape with our active lifestyles.  

Our dogs should be treated the same way.  At Doggie Day Care, your

pet will get plenty of physical activity that will help keep them healthy,

physically fit and in good shape. It is also a great weight management

tool for your pet.


• Dogs are man’s best friend in our society and have been domesticated

for thousands of years. Dogs are pack animals by nature and will greatly

benefit from the interaction and socialization with other dogs regularly.  

Doggie Day Care provides dogs with a safe environment to fulfill their

natural instinct.


• Some dogs exhibit unwanted behaviors out of boredom at home alone.  

They may bark excessively, chew and be destructive. Choose a friendly

and safe environment as an alternative to leaving your dog at home.


• Doggie Day Care helps dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.


• Doggie Day Care is a safe outlet for dogs that seem to have an endless

amount of energy.


5 Day



10 Day



20 Day



While Boarding

Full Day


Half Day



Evaluation Day

Full Day (1 Dog)

5 Day



10 Day



20 Day



Half Day (1 Dog)

5 Day



10 Day



20 Day



Full Day (2 Dogs)

5 Day



10 Day



20 Day



Half Day (2 Dogs)

Why we use Astro Turf

The entire outside area of the Doggie Day Care is constructed with Astro Turf. The main reason for using Astro Turf is that it allows the area to be cleaned and properly disinfected on a daily basis while providing soft footing and proper sanitation.  It allows for proper drainage, eliminating muddy and dirty areas, icy areas and puddles from forming so your pet can enjoy a clean and safe environment during any season of the year. It eliminates the need for rock, stone or gravel which cannot be cleaned and disinfected and can be harmful if swallowed.  Our clients really appreciate their pets going home clean after enjoying their time in Day Care.

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